What software do you need?

Many of you might feel that you should get some expensive piece of software in order to start crushing but that is not necessarily true. I have managed to climb the stakes without spending too much money on software.

The most important software you can get are tracking software (HM2, PT4 etc..)
Those help you analyze your game and your villains. You also get a HUD. These give you an edge at the tables and the tools to start working on your game. Even though it is a big one time investment, it is pretty much necessary to buy at some point if you are serious about getting better.

And that’s pretty much it. You don’t need anything else at the very beginning. You can work on many spots with just calculator and Equilab.

I believe I was playing up to NL10 before I got my first paid software other than HM2. Then got Poker Snowie. Snowie is great because you can have warmup-sessions with it, and you get advice that is close to theoretically optimal. Only thing I don’t like in Snowie is that you have to pay for it annually and the beginner version is a bit too limited. Next software I bought was StarsHelper, it has quite a few handy features and was worth the money in my opinion. I have also got a GTO solver now. But I’m still a bit stingy when it comes to buying new software.

The point of this post is that if you are playing NL2 or NL5, don’t stress too much about getting some fancy software like PowerEquilab or Flopzilla. They won’t make you instantly better and you need to get your poker knowledge to a bit higher level before you get the most out of those software anyway. So, think before you buy!

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