Hi guys!
I’m a 23-year-old law student from Finland. I have been playing poker for some years now and my current limit is NL25. My game has been quite strong lately and I have made some good results (more about those later). I also just completed my Bankroll Challenge (from 100$ to 1000$)that I started over a year ago by playing NL2.

What do I offer

I want to offer you something I wish I would have had when I was struggling at the lowest limits
-> affordable coaching

More info about prices and discounts

:heart: Starter Package – 30€
– I will review your stats and graphs
– 30min video review
– A written Quick Start Guide

:heart: Hand History review package – 25€
– 25 in-depth hand reviews
– Good when you are working on a particular spot
– Better value than if we would go your hands through in a live session
– You don’t have to send all 25 at once. You can send some random difficult hands separately if you want to.

:heart: Hourly rate – 20€ / h
– Video reviews
– Live session sweats
– Leakfinding
– etc…

By getting coaching from me you also get:
:diamond: A poker buddy you can chat with about anything poker related
:diamond: Access to Skype study group (We can possibly have some group sessions in the future)

Add me on skype: la55i and we can discuss the details. Please leave me some kind of a message like “hey it is xxx from PSGY” so I know who you are. 

Please note that the currency in my rates is in euros. Payments must be made beforehand.